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Short and awesome. Great job.

Never going to the eye doctor again. 

*All dreams have meaning*

My dreams:

Spooky floatin balloon 

My eyesight has never been better.

I loved the funny concept of this, good work :)

4 amazing scary games is going to haunt my dreams tonight. can you watch the scary or will you run away. The choice is yours. by the way great game I freaking loved it.
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Comments below clip;

The reason why less is more, exemplifies why this game's such a winner.

Great job, guys. Great job! Kudos to all involved.

what a game! that ending GOT ME

I am officialy never going under or in an hot air balloon

I liked it alot!! The ending was unexpected but still a surprise lol

I was never scared until I saw this

lol nightmare

This was one strange nightmare, but it was fun!


3 games story explained

in my country the picture is a house not a balloon :D but game play oke, thank for this game !

Short but very fun ;)

this was an experince...Very good tho got me with the jumpscares

It is exactly what it says it is. 👍
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Never thought balloons could be scary, but you slap a face on them, and boy it gets scary fast!

So weird, but also awesome! Thanks for the experience!

i seen that used by specsavers. not the game of couse. specsavers used the hot air balloon

Pretty weird, I like it!

good lil game. check it here!

cool funny little game, pretty creepy tbh. 

11 balls from 10

Short and Hilarious, got 2 decent jumps out of me as well! Great job, hope to see more games from you!

Shot but not bad, kind of random honestly Lol. Made a video on it.

I absolutely love weird horror games like this. please make more!

I liked it


I love his face now\(^o^)/

love the game 

seemed fine to me

creepy story

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This was an interesting horror game based on the Hot-Air Balloon that we normally see through one of the machines at the optometrist. I was definitely pretty excited to see how the creator turn this concept into a horror game and I liked how the creator decides to make the player run in the game towards the Hot-Air Balloon with the VHS-style graphic. The game creates suspense by making the player think that there is possibly something present to chase them but after overtaking the Hot-Air Balloon, things start to go differently and the ending of the game was comedic yet realistic at the same time XD.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

No-commentary playthrough:

You should start contacting eye doctors to see if they might be interested in replacing the boring old balloon test with this new and exciting version. 

well you could say it was A Happy smiling ending :D


thx for playing the game bro, and i know it's kinda shii but i made it in 3 days so i think it's pretty alright.

weird is good.

thx and i know it's hella weird

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