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can you do update like full game


Very weird plot but, still fun and slightly disturbing

Its game 3

Pretty weird, but in a good way. The balloon has a nice design tho! (Pt-BR)

It was spooky and i like the game because it proves that you can take almost anything and make it scary! gg

This was pretty good. Definitely very creepy atmosphere. 

this game dident run that well for me and there could have been a some moore spooks but thats just me. either way i really liked the idea of the game 

Gameplay from Indonesia 

have a good look

I like the atmosphere of the game !

hey! Super cool game, cool that you shared your nightmare with us lol. I really enjoy shorter horror games like this, hope you make more!

Streamed & made a vid, hope you dont mind! Keep up the good work!

Man, u should be careful not to have a heart attack....

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Game starts @00:12

some things are better off just not knowing ....

What a game and such a great nightmare experience. We loved playing this! 

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This game was unexpected, a little slow to start but worth the wait! 

Video for this game starts at 00:35

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Personally, I will run hands with a hot air balloon fr. Crazy how I’m wearing glasses for an eye test too 😭

It is the first game I played in this video. Very spooky, very good #glassesgang unite

Thast balloon's gonna didle me I just know it.

funny scary face from blockland

good game, i played with 20fps but its good, looks like a smoker sees.

scary ballobn

Surreal, beautiful and weird. I'm very thankful you've made such an odd and original concept. You did such a great job!

Emm... Another duplicated file?


found out about this game through Bijuu Mike and had to play it for myself, as a glasses wearer lol. 

Good job man!

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This game is very fun to play. It's scary and funny at the same time, I really enjoyed it a lot. Good job to the author of this game & let's hope that in the future we will get more games that are like this one!

So weird, so creepy. nice job.

this is great example of short horror, I hope you make more :)

Full Play No Commentary 

Short Simple weird I liked it GreatJob!

I'll be honest I played this game to get a laugh. It was definitely very different the most horror games. I also think I looked back at the balloon too quickly.

Was very unique and made me remember getting my eyes checked as a child! I wish it was a little longer and more stuff in the grass  but very cool idea for a horror game! You game is 1st and starts at 00:23 

it's ok, very short, weighs a lot for what it is. Small projects like these are what attract me to publishing. 7/10

excellent weird game you have here! I love weird games so this is right up my alley lmao! Great work! Thanks for sharing! Below is my game play!

Cool game here's a speedrun

I like the weirdness of the game and it was interesting to playthrough as well. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

cool game


This was very good, but very overwhelming for the senses in terms of sound haha! But I really liked this, did a good job on a weird premise! 

this game was good

This was the 2nd game I played and it was the only game that made me jump! It's very simple and short but very good at the same time! If you're curious about my experience, you can check out the video on my channel, or watch the video I posted here!


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